Let’s Talk Trash! (Garbage, Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste that is.)

Dec 8, 2022 | Garbage & Recycling

For years, Township residents have enjoyed what is described as “unlimited collection and disposal service” from our garbage, recycling and household hazardous waste collection and disposal company. Simply put, when it came to the removal of trash, we put it out and they took it away. It did not matter how much or how many pieces of waste we had, pick-up and disposal has been unlimited. Unfortunately, changes in the waste collection and disposal industry are eliminating unlimited service as it is being replaced with automated systems.

This fall the Township, along with several other North Hills municipalities, publicly bid a new garbage, recycling and household hazardous waste collection and disposal contract. This new contract will go into effect on January 1, 2023, and not only will it not allow for unlimited service, but the cost per month will increase to $30.51. As part of this new service, Waste Management will be providing each customer with a 96 gallon collection container or cart. Residents may purchase up to two (2) additional 96 gallon trash carts for $100 per cart. All garbage which you want taken away must fit inside this cart or carts. If not, it will be considered a bulk item, one of which can be disposed of one time per month as part of your monthly bill. If you have more than one bulk item, you will be subject to an additional charge per item. There will be no changes in how recycling and household hazardous waste is collected.

Please understand that the Township is not particularly happy with the changes we are seeing in the waste collection and disposal industry. The loss of unlimited collection services will create some problems we will have to work through together.

Again, the new contract begins January 1, 2023, so now is the time to dispose of those bulk items (i.e-, furniture, tables, chairs, washer, dryer, dishwasher, toilet, stove, etc …. ) at no cost before the new contract goes into effect.

On behalf of the Township, Waste Management and myself, we apologize in advance for any inconveniences that these changes in trash collection may cause you and your family. Change is always difficult, but I am confident that we can work through this effectively together_ 

Daniel L. Anderson, Manager
Indiana Township