The Building / Code / Zoning  Department handles all property (residential and commercial) matters,


Code Officer

Jeff Curti
412-767-5333    Ext 320


Jacque Rouggie
412-767-5333    Ext 322



    • General Maintenance of interior or exterior NOT altering the occupancy or the structure
    • Replace existing exterior paint, gutters, downspouts, trim, roofs, doors, or windows – NOT altering the size or placement
    • Adding or replacing sidewalks or driveways
    • Exterior awnings supported by an exterior wall only
    • Replace interior cabinets, counters, tile, flooring, carpeting, or paint.


    All detached structure and fence applications require a drawing of your plot plan identifying the location of the proposed fence or structure. 
    Fences may be placed on your property line, but it is suggested you leave enough space on the outside to maintain the fence without trespassing on another’s property.
    • Single story structures without plumbing or electricity or under 1,000 square feet
    • BUILDING PERMIT – ANY of these conditions require a building permit
    • Structures over 1,000 square feet
    • Structures over one story
    • Structures with electricity
    • Structures with plumbing 

fences AND walls


  • Walls over 4 feet in height





  • Prefabricated swimming pools under 24 inches high


  • All in ground or prefabricated swimming pools over 24 inches high
  • All hot tubs

Commercial Construction

PCS Plan Review Application and Indiana Township Bldg Permit Application (Both are required.) – Submit both applications to Professional Code Services (PCS) our third-party plan review and inspection agency. Their telephone number is 724-449-2633.

No permits will be issued until fees are paid in full to BOTH Professional Codes Services and Indiana Township.

New Residential Construction

Building Permit

Energy Compliance “ResCheck Compliance Certificate” – Statewide Building Code states that building permit applications for additions or new construction require a “ResCheck“.

Residential Additions / Renovations

Building Permit – Fees are based on construction costs and may be amended annually.

Required for structural changes (construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, or demolish) to the building, all basement renovations, or changes to the occupancy.

Energy Compliance ‘ResCheck Compliance Certificate’

Statewide Building Code states that building permit applications for additions or new construction must include “ResCheck“ energy compliance.  Complete the “Energy Efficiency Data Worksheet” included in the Indiana Township Building Permit Application Packet before going to ResCheck website to complete their application.

Demolition Permit

Plumbing Permit

All plumbing permits are issued through Allegheny County

Electrical Permit

  • All residential electrical alterations require an inspection done by a certified electrical inspector.
  • All commercial projects will be inspected by Professional Code Services (PCS)

open burn / fire pits

A Grading Permit is required under the following conditions:

  • More than 6,000 sq. ft. of earth disturbance
  • Exceed maximum slope of 2′ to 1′ (for every 2′ horizontal, the vertical distance does not exceed 1′)
  • Cutting or filling more than 4′ of earth
  • Any area is located in a landslide prone area or the 100 year Flood Plain

Zoning Permit Application

Required for fencing & accessory structures over 1001 sq ft.

      check to see that your contractor is registered in pennsylvania


      Zoning Permit Application

      The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act, through the State Attorney General’s Office requires all contractors who exceed $5,000 or more per year in home improvements be registered. 

      Go to Home Improvement Consumer Information or call 717-772-2425 to see if your contractor is registered.

      Census / Registrations

      Residents, Tenants, and Businesses are required to register with the township within 30 days of occupancy.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Code Enforcement

      Category: Code Enforcement

      If you have trees that you would like to remove, this is allowed without a Permit, as long as you are not harvesting the trees for their value (timbering). However, if it is your intent to timber, click here for a copy of the Township’s Timbering Ordinance.

      Category: Code Enforcement

      Yes, you need to be aware of any Floodplain areas located on a property, and following specific guidelines, they can be built upon.

      You can find this information on the Township’s Floodplain Ordinance #376

      Category: Code Enforcement

      Yes. In accordance with ordinance #287, failure to register within 30 DAYS OF OCCUPANCY may result in the issuance of a citation to the property owner and/or tenant. Click the links below for the appropriate form:

      Should you have any questions, please contact Jacque Rouggie in the Township office at 412-767-5333, ext. 322 or via email at:

      Category: Code Enforcement

      If you plan to disturb the earth, you are required by PA law to notify the underground utility companies of your intent to do so. This is a FREE service. Notification occurs by calling PA One Call at “8-1-1” or 1-800-242-1776. You can call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They will then notify the nearby utility companies of your intent to dig. The utility companies are responsible to mark where their underground lines are located with colored flags, paint or chalk. This ensures that you do not damage one of their lines. For more information on the PA One Call System, please go to:

      Click here for more information:  PA One Call Brochure

      Category: Code Enforcement

      Contact the Allegheny County Health Department’s Septic Division at 412-578-8040.

      Category: Code Enforcement

      First, refer to the Zoning Map, to determine the Zoning of your property. If you are unable to figure it out, please feel free to call the Code Enforcement Office for assistance. Once you know what Zoning District you are in, you can refer to the Zoning Ordinance #368.

      Category: Code Enforcement

      No. For these projects you need to obtain a Zoning Permit. The fee for a Zoning Permit is $75.00. When applying, you will also need to submit a copy of a plot plan of your property, and draw on where the fence or structure is going to be located. Fences can be put right on your property line, but we advise that you leave enough space so you can work on the other side, if needed, so as not to trespass on your neighbor’s property. For accessory structures, you must abide by the setbacks for your Zoning District, as set forth in the Zoning Ordinance, Table III-B. In all Zoning Districts other than “Village Residential”, you may deduct an additional 5′ off of the setbacks for the side and rear property lines. NOTE: Although Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs are considered accessory structures, they would require a Building Permit in lieu of a Zoning Permit. Accessory structures over 1,001 square feet would also require a Building Permit.

      Category: Code Enforcement

      A Building Permit is required for interior renovations in two instances. Interior renovations that involve structural change and all basement renovations. Basement renovations are important because of the implementation in the Building Code for emergency escapes as a secondary means of egress from the basement. You are required to have two ways to exit the basement: interior stairs and directly to the exterior through a door, window or emergency escape window. For basement renovations that include installing a bedroom or bedrooms, each bedroom is required to have a secondary means of egress.

      For interior renovations NOT requiring a Building Permit other than above, homeowners should be aware that an Allegheny County Plumbing Permit may be required for any plumbing renovations.  Contact the Allegheny County Plumbing Division at 412-578-8036 for more information.

      Also, homeowners performing electrical alterations MUST have an electrical inspection done to assure the safety of the work.  Homeowners can contact any certified electrical inspector.  Anyone needing assistance in finding a certified electrical inspector can contact the Township Code Enforcement Office.

      Category: Code Enforcement

      To schedule an inspection, contact Jacque Rouggie at 412-767-5333, ext. 322 at least 24 hours in advance. For Commercial or Industrial Projects, contact Mary-Ann Link from PCS at 724-449-2661.

      Category: Code Enforcement

      If the project is for a Commercial Property, you will also need to complete the Application Form from Professional Code Services (PCS) who is our third-party plan review and inspection agency for Commercial and Industrial Projects. You can click here to download their form. Note: Some pages may not apply to all projects.

      The cost of a residential Building Permit is as follows: a $50.00 filing fee for all permits, plus an additional $6.00 for every $1,000 of the construction cost for projects over $8,000.01 in construction costs. For projects under $8,000.00 in construction costs, the price is $50.00 plus the $50.00 filing fee. In addition, if it is a new home or a business, an additional occupancy fee will apply. If it is a Commercial or Industrial Permit, the cost is set by PCS’ Fee Schedule and cannot be determined until the plan has been provided. The fee is based on “use” and “construction type”. PCS can be reached at 724-449-2633.

      Building Permit Application